Trump’s PAC Reportedly Spent Thanksgiving Sending Emails Scabbing For Donations And Blaming President Biden For “Record High Inflation”

This is downright pathetic.

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As we’ve already reported, ex-President Donald Trump himself released one of his official statements yesterday (via his spokeswoman Liz Harrington because he’s still permanently banned from Twitter) in “honor” of the American Thanksgiving Day holiday. But, as we’ve come to expect from him, it was really little more than a handful of sentences that reeked like a diary entry, in which he made the whole ordeal about himself — even going so far as to once again hint at a 2024 presidential run, still without fully committing to his potential candidacy.

His statement alone was bad enough. But, as is customary with the likes of Donald Trump… It got worse.

According to a new report from the New York Post, in addition to Donald’s public statement on Thanksgiving Day, his “Save America” PAC spent the holiday blasting emails to the ex-president’s supporters, soliciting donations to the Trump entity, citing inflation.

“We have a lot to be thankful for, but unfortunately, RECORD HIGH INFLATION is not one of those things. Biden took the beautiful, strong economy I built and lit it up in flames. The price of your Thanksgiving meal has gone up 14%. Despicable,” the email hailing from ex-President Trump’s PAC reportedly reads. “It saddens me to think that YOU are paying the price for Joe Biden’s terrible leadership.”

As noted by the New York Post, no one is really sure how much involvement the ex-president actually has in the day to day workings of his PAC, or what role he may or may not play in the relentless stream of fundraising emails that are regularly pushed out to subscribers and often attempt to pull at the heart strings and emotions of those reading them.

However, there’s no ignoring the irony in the fact that Trump is trying to peddle the idea that Americans are broke and struggling to pay their bills, all thanks to President Biden, while simultaneously asking them to send the little money they (supposedly) do have to him.

It just goes to show that Donald Trump doesn’t actually give a damn about the average American’s real-life struggles or financial standing. You’re certainly not worth someone’s last dollar, dude.

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