Trump’s Political Future Is In Danger As Key, Wealthy Donors Reportedly Convened At High-Profile Las Vegas Event To “Window Shop” For A New GOP Candidate

He's losing everything...

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The prognosis for Donald Trump’s political future just keeps looking worse and worse.

In the aftermath of the failed “Red Wave” midterm elections for the GOP, support for the scandal-ridden ex-president has severely wavered, to say the very least.

After numerous hand-picked, Trump-endorsed candidates lost their skin and their races to their Democratic opponents this election season, multiple reports indicated that the Conservative crowd and many senior Republican figures blamed the former president for the disastrous results, that only say the GOP win the House by a razor-thin margin and once again lose the majority in the Senate.

Following the unsuccessful midterms, Trump chose to still move full steam ahead with his 2024 presidential campaign launch, which frankly went equally unsuccessfully, seeing very little actual support for the former guy’s third consecutive run for the White House.

Just recently, we reported on the news that even the evangelical crowd seems to be turning their backs on the 45th president as he desperately attempts to secure power once again.

But things are getting worse still for the former president, as CNN reported that some of the biggest, wealthiest, and key GOP donors have started to “window shop” for alternative, better candidates than Donald Trump.

According to the report, Trump was set to address the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas during his appearance at the recent event, where he made his pitch to some of the party’s wealthiest donors, who are already on the search for an alternative 2024 candidate.

CNN noted that the event actually saw appearances from some of Donald Trump’s biggest rivals in the game, which could effectively set in stone the loss of crucial, massive donations the former guy desperately needs.

“Trump still retains a ‘following’ within the party, Mel Sembler, a Florida real-estate developer and GOP donor who sits on the coalition’s board, told CNN this week,” the report reads. “But, he said, ‘I think people are getting tired of his controversies all the time.'”

Sembler has yet to commit to any one 2024 Republican candidate, and added, “What concerns me is if he wins the primary and loses the general.”

CNN goes on to further note that, in the aftermath of the midterms, and coupled with his political leprosy, donors have already been fleeing the former guy en masse: “Perhaps the biggest blow to Trump’s campaign infrastructure was the swift and public defection of several billionaire GOP donors – including a close ally, Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman – who said the country needed leaders ‘rooted in today and tomorrow, not today and yesterday.'”

“Others are hedging their bets,” CNN’s report confirms. “Among those playing the field is Miriam Adelson, the billionaire widow of Las Vegas casino magnate and RJC benefactor Sheldon Adelson. The Adelsons have donated nearly a half-billion dollars to Republican groups and candidates in the last four election cycles – including tens of millions to boost Trump’s presidential ambitions, federal records show.”

The biggest concern for the ex-president, according to CNN, is the possibility that Adelson may wait until after the primary to choose their candidate.

“Adelson intends to remain neutral in the GOP presidential primaries, an aide confirmed to CNN this week,” CNN reports. “Adelson, whose political contributions have slowed some since her husband’s death in January 2021, has indicated that she will financially support the eventual GOP nominee, whether that be Trump or someone else.”

You can read the full report from CNN here.

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