Trump’s Real Feelings For Pence Revealed, Doesn’t Think He’d Be A Good President


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If you pay any attention to the relationship between president Donald Trump and vice president Mike Pence, you won’t see the chummy, loving, mutualistic friendship that we enjoyed between their predecessors Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Instead, you’ll see a parasitic relationship between the two. Trump feeds off of Pence at the VP’s expense, while Mike is so oblivious to the happenings that he simply mimics the president like a good little parrot while he sucks his brains out. Think along the lines of a puppet and puppet master here.

Remember this 10-second clip?

But despite the fact that Pence has turned out to be the perfect epigone that Donald has always hoped and dreamed for, a true Mini-Me to Trump’s Dr. Evil, Donald’s outrageous level of narcissism and egotism would never allow him to actually give the VP any praise, much less assist the man in becoming anything more than his minion.

Trump made that strikingly clear during an interview on Fox and Friends this morning when he was questioned as to whether he would give his endorsement to his VP should he make his own bid for the presidency come 2024.

“You’re talking about a long time. You can’t put me in that position,” Trump answered in the interview.

Donald went on to add that he would have to evaluate the field of candidates before he made any endorsement decisions, but did say that Pence is a “very, very outstanding person.” He claimed that, should Pence run for the presidency in the future, he would give his candidacy “strong consideration.”

Of course, when it comes to the 2024 election year, in addition to Trump’s inability and downright refusal to adulate anyone but himself, we have to consider the fact that Trump doesn’t seem to think he’ll be stepping down anytime soon. And I don’t just mean a second term. In the past, Donald has publicly vied for extended terms, claiming that Mueller’s investigation and subsequent report robbed him of his presidency — therefore, he should get more time. It truly makes you wonder if the man has intentions of stepping down at all.

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