Insider Says Trump Finally Went Too Far For Sarah Sanders, Reveals Why She Is Really Leaving

We almost don't blame her.

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has flown the coop. Donald Trump announced on Twitter earlier this afternoon that after “3 1/2 years” Sanders is hauling ass out of the White House at the end of this month to head back to her home state of Arkansas.

Though, we’re really not sure why anyone would even give a damn, considering she never does her job. But we digress.

Sanders’ departure is a bit sudden and unexpected. She’s always been such a huge champion for Donald Trump, it seems a little strange that she would up and leave so abruptly. Fox News host Neil Cavuto believes that Sarah checked out of that mess for a specific reason — Trump’s downright disastrous ABC interview in which he flat out admitted that he’d accept foreign meddling into the 2020 election.

“The timing of this is odd,” Cavuto pointed out. “Just after the George Stephanopoulos interview with the president, the hypothetical came up about accepting intelligence from a foreign source and the president, of course, reacted the way he did. He said yeah, I’d be open to it. Maybe he’s pointing the finger, why did you get me into this, Sarah Sanders?”

Of course, we don’t have cold, hard proof that this is, in fact, the case. But given that it’s coming from Trump’s very own beloved Fox News Network, we can’t help but give it the legitimacy that it deserves. Even Fox News is completely flabbergasted by Trump’s admission. It certainly is not reaching to assume that it played a big part in Sarah’s sudden withdrawal.

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