Tucker Carlson Made A Rare Break With Trump On Live TV, Ranted That Former President Hasn’t Given Any Money To “Defend” Jan. 6th Protesters: “I Just Find That Appalling”

I don't think Trump is going to like this.

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson seems to be losing his mind over the January 6th insurrection. First, he blasted Senator Lindsey Graham over news that the South Carolina Republican, during the riot, told the Senate sergeant at arms to shoot people who had breached the building. “We give you guns for a reason,” Graham reportedly told the Senate sergeant at arms. “Use them,” he added. Carlson blasted Graham for that, and now he’s wondering why Donald Trump hasn’t sent the insurrectionists any money.

Carlson interviewed right-wing commentator Julie Kelly and said that he finds it “appalling” that the twice-impeached one-term president hasn’t donated any money to his supporters who were arrested on January 6th. Maybe Tucker hasn’t heard that Trump doesn’t just hand people money. He doesn’t even pay his bills. Tucker also claimed that the election was rigged. Fact check: There is no evidence to back that up.

“People are going to be offended that I ask this, but I can’t control myself,” Carlson said. “What about the president on whose behalf they were gathered that day? Has anybody sent them money? The people around him, Brad Parscale, all these people are getting rich, right?”

“Complaining that the last election was rigged, which it clearly was, obviously,” he continued. “And they’re making all this money, and all these people are sending all this money down to Florida. But is any of that money going to defend these people who went to this rally on behalf of that candidate?”

Kelly responded, saying, “Not that I know of. And I will say no. No. And it’s a question that I have been asking myself, and I a lot of them have been asking too. A lot of them were there to support Trump.”

“They were there to protest the election being taken from him unlawfully,” she added. “But aside, really, from a few comments about political prisoners — he has said a few things about Ashli Babbitt — to my knowledge… no, there has not been any financial aide coming from anyone of a prominent position to help these people.”


Well, they aren’t “political prisoners.” They acted like savages while roaming the walls of our Capitol to hunt down Democrats and former vice president Mike Pence with gallows erected outside.

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