Newsmax Took Their Own White House Reporter Off Air Over Mind-Boggling Claim About Demonic Trackers, We Can’t Make This Up

Oof. What a mess.

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Thanks to a batshit crazy tweet claiming Covid-19 vaccines contain a demonic “bioluminescent” tracker, the Right-wing cable network Newsmax was apparently forced to remove their own White House correspondent from on-air broadcasts — at least until the incident has been investigated.

A recent report from Mediaite reveals that Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson was taken off the air, at least for the time being, after tweeting a conspiracy-theory laden post accusing the COVID-19 vaccine of being infiltrated with a demonic marker she dubbed “LUCIFERASE” (shouty caps included), making certain to aim her post at “Christians.”

In the since-deleted tweet, Robinson wrote, “Dear Christians: the vaccines contain a bioluminescent marker called LUCIFERASE so that you can be tracked.”

Robinson’s Twitter account has since been deleted over the offending conspiracy theory tweet.

A Twitter spokesperson gave a statement to Mediaite, confirming the account suspension, “The account you referenced has been temporarily locked for repeated violations of our Covid-19 misinformation policy.”

Newsmax itself even went so far as to discredit their reporter’s claim in a statement, saying that the Newsmax network “strongly believes and has reported that the Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective. We do not believe the vaccines contain any toxic materials or tracking markers, and such false claims have never been reported on Newsmax.”

Newsmax went on to out and out endorse the COVID-19 vaccine: “The many medical experts appearing on Newsmax have supported the use of the vaccine.”

This isn’t the first time the Conservative network has broken with one of their own people. Back in July, Newsmax disputed claims from their anchor Rob Schmitt who claimed that vaccines were “against nature” and that some diseases are “supposed to wipe out a certain amount of people.”

This also isn’t the first time Robinson herself has railed against the COVID-19 vaccine, saying just last month that Christians should push back against the vaccine as a way to fight “the Mark of the Beast.”

Newsmax has said in a statement that while the network “is currently reviewing the posts,” Robinson will “continue with duties for the network.”

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