Twitter Reacted After GOP Rep Tweeted Attacks Against MSNBC Anchor While Sitting In Impeachment Hearing: “This Is NOT What You Get Paid For”

Do all Republicans get their Twitter habits from Donald Trump?

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Yet another round of public impeachment hearings before the House Judiciary Committee is in the books after the House Intelligence Committee wrapped up their portion of the impeachment investigation into Donald Trump. As we watched the cluster that is the Republican party, it was a pretty heady reminder that this group of people has always acted just as terribly as they’re acting today.

If you followed along with the Intelligence Committee’s hearings, you know that Chairman Adam Schiff’s attempts to keep interruptions at a minimum were pretty futile when it came to the Republicans dimwits in the room.

It took a matter of only seconds after Schiff announced that he’d like to continue with no interruptions during Bill Taylor and George Kent’s testimonies for the most deplorable of Republicans to pipe up and rattle off some nonsense — doing exactly what the chairman asked to be avoided, interrupting.

While Nunes rattled off about nudes against and the disgusting Jim Jordan falsely claimed that Rep. Schiff knew the identity of Trump’s whistleblower, Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik led the charge when it came to cutting in on the hearing — being the first to interrupt the Chairman and halt the testimonies.

As a result of her behavior, MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace took to her Twitter account to express her displeasure at Stefanik’s actions.

“It would appear Elise Stefanik is drinking the same loony tune juice with her breakfast as Nikki Haley – going from occasionally reasonable Republicans to Trump shills,” Wallace’s tweet read, complete with the hashtag, #pathetic.

And for Stefanik to be so deeply concerned with what was taking place in the hearing that she felt the need to interrupt chairman Schiff, she evidently wasn’t concerned enough to actually pay attention to it — considering she fired back at the MSNBC anchor on Twitter while she was still sitting in the hearing. 

“I am flattered that you are comparing me to Nikki Haley,” Stefanick fired back at Wallace a mere thirty minutes later, while the hearing was still well underway, stating that the comparison was a “HUGE compliment.”

“Instead of ever standing in front of voters as a candidate or putting your name on the ballot, you just keep attacking GOP women who have. Sad,” the Republican congresswoman continued. “Get outside of the MSNBC bubble!”

Of course, it didn’t take long at all for Twitter users to pick up on the fact that the Republican Rep was tweeting this nonsense while the hearing was still taking place:

Let’s not pretend as though they’re actually concerned with the hearing, folks. They just want to make as big a stink as possible and then it’s back to their Twitter feeds for the lot of ’em.

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