Ultimate Betrayal: Jared Kushner’s Family Donated The Maximum Amount To Donald Trump’s GOP Presidential Opponent, According To Brutal Report

Trump will not respond well to this.

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For a man who is so deeply obsessed with garnering devout loyalty to himself and only himself, it seems that Donald J. Trump has just suffered one of the worst betrayals of his lifetime, as new reporting appears to confirm that his own son-in-law’s family has turned their backs on the scandal-plagued former president and instead thrown their full support behind one of Trump’s most viable 2024 Republican presidential opponents.

A rift has long been growing between Donald Trump and his eldest daughter Ivanka and her family, as Donald’s life becomes more and more saturated with scandal, lawsuits, investigations, and historical criminal indictments. It’s all but guaranteed that rift got a lot deeper after The Independent reported that Murray and Lee Kushner, the aunt and uncle of Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Ivanka’s husband Jared, have both maxed out in their individual donations to 2024 GOP presidential candidate, Chris Christie.

According to the report, the Kushners each donated $3,000 to the former New Jersey governor’s presidential campaign — the max amount that an individual is permitted to donate to a presidential election in the US, according to the law.

To make matters that much more humiliating for the disgraced former president, this isn’t actually the first time that Murray and Lee Kushner have betrayed Donald Trump in favor of his former ally, also contributing the maximum amount to Christie’s campaign in 2015.

Things get even more awkward still when you take into consideration Christie’s role in successfully prosecuting Jared Kushner’s father, Charles Kushner, for tax fraud way back in 2004, when Christie served as a US attorney.

We can only imagine that this development will only serve to throw fuel on the fire of the ongoing public feud between Trump and Christie, as both of the presidential candidates have spent weeks and counting firing increasingly nasty insults across the proverbial yard at each other.

Read the full report from The Independent here.

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