Uncle Of The Highland Park Suspect Spoke Out On The Revelation That Crimo’s Dad Reportedly Helped Him Purchase A Weapon And It’s Even Worse Than You Think

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According to a disturbing report from CNN, the uncle of Highland Park Fourth of July shooting suspect, Robert “Bobby” Crimo II, has spoken out on the recent revelation that his brother, Bobby’s father, assisted the soon-to-be gunman in purchasing a gun — ultimately stating that his brother “did the right thing” in helping Bobby Crimo buy weapons.

Speaking of his brother and the suspected gunman’s father, Robert Crimo Jr., Paul Crimo said “I support him 100% — I think he did the right thing.” Paul did admit that he was not aware that his nephew, Bobby, had already been investigated back in 2019 after he threatened to kill “everyone.”

In the aftermath of the Independence Day shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, information became available revealing that Bobby’s father  sponsored his son’s Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card and took back the various knives the police had confiscated from his son, in spite of the fact that Bobby had confessed at the time of his original investigation that he was a depressed drug user and was ultimately flagged as a “clear and present danger.”

Paul Crimo said of his gunman nephew, “People recover quickly … maybe he recovered quickly and he was in his right mind frame at that time,” going on to add that his brother probably “saw no trouble when he signed” the FOID card.

Despite claiming to be supportive of his brother’s decision, Paul was ultimately a bit wishy-washy on the whole ordeal, going on to tell the publication, “If it was me, no, I wouldn’t … I probably would not have signed it. I think the law’s gotta be tightened up.”

“If somebody has a life threat, if somebody’s suicidal or if somebody’s under depression … the state should see that and not give the person a FOID card.”

The New York Post recently reported that charges against Bobby Crimo’s father have not yet been ruled out by authorities, as Robert Sr. faces potential civil liability for his son’s crimes, seemingly following a precedent set by Ethan Crumbley and his parents.

The Highland Park shooting this week was just one in a long succession of recent mass shootings in the US that seemingly kicked off after the Uvalde, TX, Robb Elementary School shooting that claimed the lives of 19 children and 2 teachers — the deadliest mass shooting in America since Virginia Tech. The Gun Violence Archive website notes that approximately 40,000 deaths a year are caused by firearms in the United States.

Read the full report from CNN here.

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