Unearthed Photo Of Trump And Nixon Goes Viral And It’s Perfectly Ironic

I can't believe my eyes.

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It’s never a shock whenever more evidence comes out on Donald Trump being tied to some very corrupt characters. Many members of the Trump administration, for example, have extremely shady pasts on top of being completely unqualified for the roles he has given them.

As a lifelong con artist, liar, and cheat – as his own former longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen said in his testimony against the president – Trump has surrounded himself with some of the most untrustworthy people. It seems like the more we know and find out, the worse Trump looks –  and that’s why the President of the United States is going to be absolutely devastated by what’s just resurfaced from his past.

A photograph, posted by NBC News Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss, is making its rounds over the internet – and it’s easy to see why. The photo, taken at Westin Galleria in Houston in 1989, features Richard Nixon and Trump embracing and acting like best buddies. See for yourself:

Trump’s crooked presidency, lies, and crimes have long been compared to Nixon’s Watergate scandal so this is definitely raising eyebrows. If there’s one thing that Trump REALLY didn’t need at this time, it’s this photo. At a time when the president is under more scrutiny than ever and every move he makes only makes him look worse in all of his investigations, the last thing he needed was to be linked more closely to Nixon.

This is going to backfire tremendously on the president, as many moments from his past do. Trump has spent a lifetime surrounding himself with corrupt people, and it’s definitely worn off on him. Finally, the president’s devious lifestyle is catching up to him.

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