US Allies Speak Up On Trump Call: It “Shows Current President Is In A Mind-Set To Do Anything — Absolutely Anything — Before Jan. 20. There Is Zero Standard, Zero Reference, Zero Ethics.”

What Trump did was atrocious.

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The world ’round has now had the displeasure of hearing, first-hand, the recording of outgoing President Donald Trump’s disgusting phone call with Georgia officials, in which he seemingly called on them to “find” him the upwards of eleven thousand votes he needed to flip the traditionally red states back into his favor after Georgia turned blue for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

American officials and citizens have been speaking out against Trump’s corrupt phone call, with many calling for the man to be impeached yet again, as memories of the last corrupt phone call involving Donald Trump come flooding back. But according to a breaking new report from the New York Times, those of us living under Donald’s closing reign of terror on American soil aren’t the only ones who have a really big problem with what he’s done.

According to the report, while many foreign leaders are “looking forward,” there are also many who “worry that the Trump effect will last for years, damaging trust in American predictability and reliability.”


director of the U.S. and Americas program at Chatham House, the British research institution, Leslie Vinjamuri, said, “A lot of people will just roll their eyes and wait for the clock to run down. But by far the most troubling thing is the number of Republicans who are willing to go along with him, and what it’s doing to the Republican Party, playing out in real time.”

Ms. Vinjamuri goes on to speak out about the announcement from 140 Republicans in the House and 12 Republican senators who are vowing to challenge the Electoral College vote certifications, saying that Trump’s obvious hold over the GOP, even with so few days left in his term, “shows us that it will be incredibly difficult to govern the country in the next year or so.”

She claimed that if so many Americans feel as though the election actually was fraudulent “it looks like America can’t even secure the most fundamental norms of democracy, the peaceful transfer of power when losers have to accept that they lost.”

Former French military officer now at RUSI, a defense research institution in London, Patrick Chevallereau, also spoke out about the call, saying that it “shows that the current president is in a mind-set to do anything — absolutely anything — before Jan. 20. There is zero standard, zero reference, zero ethics,” adding, “Everything else than himself can be destroyed and collapse, including us.”

Thomas Wright, an Irish-born expert on America at the Brookings Institution, stated that “People are worried for real that Trump will come back.” The weeks since the US election have shown people “just how bad a second term would have been — the guardrails off, a completely personalized government and giving voice to his authoritarian tendencies.”

Mr. Wright goes on to say, “Now the rest of the world understands that Trump could actually make a comeback in 2024, so that is a shadow that he will cast over American politics.”

The Times report is chock full of statements from various other American allies, all in the same vein — the precedent that has been set by Donald Trump, and the mere idea of him returning for another run in 2024, has instilled a fear in panic in this nation and all those who align themselves with us that we never thought possible. The man has quite literally managed to alter our interpretation of American democracy.

All I can do is hope and pray that President-Elect Joe Biden is able and allowed to restore it to its former respect and beauty.

You can read the full report from the New York Times here.

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