Video Footage Appeared To Show Trump Joyfully Joking About The “Rough” Treatment Of US Reporter By North Korean Guards

He is sickening...

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According to an original report from The Uprising’s Hunter Walker, former President Donald Trump was caught on video during a GOP fundraiser at his Mar-a-Lago resort/home last month recounting a situation he claimed happened during his trip to visit North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, during which he claimed North Korean guards were “rough” with American reporters, and the ex-president’s glee was almost palpable.

“He’s not big on press coming in. I don’t think he’d ever done it before,” Trump said according to the report as well as video footage from Women for Trump. “And the press came in and they were rough, not so much with him — even not so much with me — but the way they poured in, physically they tried to push guards down. And fortunately, these were North Korean guards. They didn’t get pushed down.”

“It was a rough kind of a day for the press,” Trump said at the fundraising event.


Walker notes in his report that Trump may have said “unfortunately,” the audio is a bit grainy and Donald Trump isn’t known for speaking overly clearly, so it’s a bit hard to tell if there’s an “and” or an “un” before “fortunately.” But either way, that does nothing to change Trump’s high-spirits while recalling the event.

The former President was openly mocking the physical mistreatment of the American press and even chuckled at one point while telling the story, spurring the audience to join him in a round of laughter.

Back at the time of the 2019 North Korean meeting, the Washington Post reported that then-Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham was “bruised…in a scuffle between North Korean security and members of the U.S. press pool covering President Trump’s meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.”

The Post reported that the Secret Service was forced to intervene “as North Korean guards pushed and shoved American reporters.”

While Trump’s rumbunctious joy at the thought of American journalists being physically harmed is pretty damn sickening, it’s certainly not at all surprising. Ever since weaseling his way into the political spotlight way back in 2015, Donald Trump has made a meal out of mocking and disparaging the media in this country, going so far as to call reporters out by name during campaign events, resulting in NBC News/MSNBC reporter Katy Tur once requiring armed Secret Service escorts out of a 2015 Trump rally after Donald personally, verbally attacked her from the stage.

You can watch the clip of his joyful recollection here:

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