Video Footage Of The Scene Outside Mar-A-Lago Following FBI Raid Spread Like Wildfire, And It Was Worse Than You Can Imagine

Appalling is an understatement.

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Over the past 6-plus years, we have said over and over and over again, until we’re nearly blue in the face, that the GOP and its followers are no longer simply a political party — it’s a cult. This is a cult with such deep, blinding devotion and admiration and obsession with Donald Trump that it is truly, absolutely, to your core terrifying. 

And while it’s true that the number of followers in that cult has begun to wane now that we are finally almost two years post the Trump presidency and some have finally begun to see the real truth behind this sorry excuse for a man, there’s simply no denying the fact that the cult numbers are still far too high. High enough, in fact, to truly present a credible threat to this nation.

News broke that Donald Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida, Mar-a-Lago resort was raided by officials with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as they executed a federal search warrant against the country club that the scandal-ridden former president calls home. Following this explosive news, a crowd of Donald Trump’s most loyal, devout followers gathered outside the Palm Beach complex, where they donned their flags and signs and expressed their outrage with the same thin blue line that they’re so protective of when one of them has killed a black kid.

Cristian Benavides, a local reporter with NBC 6 News in Miami, was the first to report on the unsettling scene.

In the various clips outside the Mar-a-Lago resort, Trump’s supporters could be heard shouting from inside their vehicles, many of them using obscene language. In one clip, a woman could be heard screaming, “God bless America!” In a different clip, a passerby of the makeshift convoy screamed, “Fuck Trump!” prompting a woman in the group to shout back, “Fuck you!”

In addition to the convoy of decked-out vehicles, a number of the scandal-ridden ex-president’s followers were seen gathered on the side of the road, proudly waving their Trump flags in the air in support of the man who was just raided by the FBI.

We have since learned that the search and seizure warrant that resulted in the Mar-a-Lago FBI was handed down by the US Department of Justice, signed off on by Attorney General Merrick Garland himself, and was in relation to the hundreds of highly-classified, top-secret documents Donald Trump stole from the White House and stashed away at his Palm Beach compound turned post-presidency home at the end of his disastrous term. Justice Department officials were left with no choice but to authorize the raid, after it was discovered that the ex-president blatantly lied to the National Archives and Records Administration on numerous occasions in their attempts to recover the government documents.

See the viral clips of the scene outside Mar-a-Lago here:

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