Video Of Trump’s Walk To Air Force One Is Circulating On Twitter, Raising Further Questions About His Health

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Over the course of his sorry excuse for a presidency, Donald J. Trump’s health, both physical and mental, has found itself under the microscope and the subject of speculation and scrutiny more than a few times. And frankly, it’s to be expected. Even as terrible a human being as he is, I don’t think any reputable news outlet or even decent American individual has attacked Trump’s health just solely because they hate the guy. But the fact of the matter is, he has been the President of the United States for the last four years and things such as deteriorating health don’t get to be a private matter when you’re literally responsible for an entire country. At the end of the day, the people you serve are owed transparency and honesty when it comes to the leader of the free world, even if he is a sorry excuse for a “leader,” and to say that Donald Trump has been a whole lot less than forthcoming would be the understatement of this presidential term.

With all that being said, Trump’s lack of honest transparency oftentimes leaves the American people to make their own assumptions about the now-outgoing president’s health and well-being based on the information we can collect ourselves.

We all know that Donald Trump simply isn’t a healthy human being at the end of the day — We can see his morbid obesity with our own two eyes and no one will soon forget the secretive Walter Reed trips and bruised hands hiding under newspapers — and with new footage that’s now circulating on social media, we’ve been left to make our own deductions once again.


For some time now, social media users have noticed that Trump doesn’t appear to walk exactly right. He almost always seems to have a drag in his right leg and appears somewhat unstable on his own two feet — an issue of his that was once again showcased in the video that’s currently making the rounds.

In footage of his recent walk to Air Force One, Donald can once again be seen with these same issues in his gait, and with his right leg. See for yourself:

Once again, the people were left to make their own speculations about what’s going on with the guy, because God knows they won’t be telling us a thing:

There’s no way for us to know what is truly going on with Mr. Lame Duck, given that resounding lack of transparency we were just talking about. But folks… This is not normal. It’s not normal at all.

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