Video Showed Reporter Following GOP’s Jim Jordan Around The Capitol Building And Grilling The GOP Lawmaker Right To His Face Over Jordan’s Infamous January 6th Trump Phone Call

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As I’m sure you’ve heard, news broke recently that Trump White House call logs from January 6th, 2020, recently handed over to the House Select Committee that’s investigating the infamous Capitol attack, by the National Archives featured a conveniently mysterious 7-plus-hour gap where the records went dark and many speculated that the then-outgoing president was utilizing a burner phone to communicate with his inner circle during that time period.

However, despite the lack of records showing as much, we already know that Ohio House Rep. Jim Jordan was one of the individuals to speak with then-President Trump on that fateful down. And now, as news surrounding Trump’s communications on January 6th reignites, one Spectrum News reporter wanted some final answers from the Trump-loving Republican lawmaker — even if that meant following Jordan around the Capitol building to try to get them.

Spectrum’s Taylor Popielarz filmed himself recently as he confronted House Rep. Jim Jordan in the Capitol building and followed him around, questioning the GOP congressman about his infamous January 6th phone call with Donald Trump and specifically pressing Jordan on the newly discovered 7-hour gap in records on January 6th, including the very same time that Trump’s supporters were actively storming the building Jordan and Popielarz wee standing in now.

Popielarz dug his heels in, despite Jordan’s reluctance, and questioned the lawmaker about the 10-minute phone call he had with Trump on that fateful morning — the very same phone call Jordan claimed in the past to not remember contents of what was discussed.

“What do you say to constituents who question… how do you forget a call that long on a day as significant as that?” the reporter asked as Jordan strode down the Capitol building halls.

“I said I talked to him,” Jordan replied.

“I know,” said Popielarz, continuing to press, “But you said you didn’t remember, you initially told me you didn’t remember if it happened before.”

“Right and that’s old news,” Jordan fired back at the reporter. “I talked to the president on that day.”

“Do you think your constituents deserve to know what you talked about?” the Spectrum reporter pushed, continuing to follow Jordan everywhere he walked.

“You can look at our letter,” the Republican House Rep. responded. “We got all the answers in our letter we sent two months ago.”

Jordan then refused to answer whether or not he would comply with a request from the January 6th House Select Committee should they subpoena him in their investigation of the Capitol riot.

Watch the video footage of the confrontation here:

Featured image via screen capture

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