Former Trump Official Calls Bullsh*t On Donald’s Claim That He Has “No Idea” What A Burner Phone Is And Doesn’t Think He’s Ever “Even Heard The Term”

Absolutely no one is buying that nonsense, Trump.

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Disgraced and scandal-ridden ex-President Donald Trump is very obviously trying to squirm and bullshit his way out of what could potentially shake out to be a serious heap of trouble for himself, as speculation arose today that he may have utilized burner phones to communicate with several allies and members of his inner circle, during a key, highly-significant 7 hour period on January 6th, 2020, that was conveniently and mysteriously left out of White House call logs that were turned over to the January 6th House Select Committee.

In response to the accusations, Donald Trump submitted a statement to the Washington Post, not only fully denying his speculated use of burner phones but going so far as to deny even knowing what a burner phone is.

But it hasn’t even been half a day and already, one of Trump’s own former officials is calling bullshit on the ex-president’s sorry attempts to squirm and lie his way out of this one.

“I have no idea what a burner phone is, to the best of my knowledge I have never even heard the term,” Trump claimed in his response statement to the Post. 

But former Trump-era National Security Advisor John Bolton says that’s a crock.

Speaking with the Washington Post’s Robert Costa, Bolton claims he can personally recall Donald Trump discussing burner phones on more than one occasion, and overall being more than just generally familiar with what the devices are and what they’re used for.

A “burner phone” is a device that’s typically used by an individual who does not what their calls, texts, or cell phone communications tracked or monitored. To avoid this, the individual will purchase or acquire a burner phone that is not attached to an account with a wireless carrier that would require a person to register with the company using their personal information. Instead, this type of phone is loaded with a limited number of prepaid minutes that can be used to make communications.

Oftentimes, individuals who are utilizing this type of device will only use one burner phone for a finite amount of time before rotating to a different phone with a different phone number, to further ensure that the device and any communications hailing from it are not connected back to them.

Bolton goes on to further explain that he remembers Trump specifically discussing the fact that burner phones are used by people who want to avoid scrutiny of their communications.

Long story short, absolutely no one is buying the notion that Donald Trump doesn’t know what a damn burner phone is.

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