WaPo Claims Ivanka Has A Much Different Demeanor Away From The Public: “Voice Is Deeper And Swears A Lot”

Bet that's not the only thing she fakes.

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Ivanka Trump wants the American public to believe that she’s a demure little kitten of a thing who’s quiet and sweet and not at all a racist piece of shit who bought her way to the top with her daddy’s money and last name.

Any time you hear her speak these days, it’s in soft, hushed, docile tones — but it’s not because she’s genuinely a kind-hearted, gentle person. It’s more akin to the way a hunter speaks to a deer before he shoots it.

But according to a new report from the Washington Post, Ivanka’s mousy little “baby doll” voice is even less sincere than what we thought — with WaPo describing it as an entire “octave” deeper when she’s not speaking in public, flip-flopping between “defiant” and “lighthearted,” and evidently she curses like a sailor. Or, rather, she curses just like Donald Trump.

Since being catapulted to the top by her father into a bunch of government positions that she has no business in nor qualifications for, Ivanka has been front and center for many a speech. But if you were unlucky enough to catch her public appearances back in the day, like on The Apprentice or any of her old TV interviews, you’ll probably notice that Ivanka spoke a whole hell of a lot different back then.

Experts have stated that Ivanka’s change in her voice’s tone, pace, and even her vocabulary is most likely a result of a mixture of personal choice and even voice coaching.

One source who worked on The Apprentice with the Trumps, Noel Casler, agreed that the voice you hear flowing forth from Ivanka’s mouth these days is merely for show.

This clip from the 2003 documentary Born Rich is a good example of Ivanka’s old, scratchier, flatter voice:

However, this clip from the 2016 RNC features the demure, mousey Ivanka that we all know and hate today:

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