Watch Lindsey Graham Swear After Reporter Asked Him About His Anti-Impeachment Stance

Someone's gonna wash that mouth out with soap if he doesn't watch it.

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It looks like Donald Trump’s potty mouth is rubbing off on staunchly conservative Senator Lindsey Graham.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, Republicans across the nation are losing their collective fucking minds as their Dictator in Chief Donald Trump has finally found himself on the impeachment block after pulling some shady shit on a phone call with the Ukranian president.

Honestly, their trepidation over the matter probably lies far more in their fear of what Trump knows about them and his ability to take them all down in flames with him rather than an actual desire to keep him as a president. But either way, they’re pulling out all the stops to try to derail this thing before they go down, Michael Cohen style.

And who’s leading the march on the “End Trump’s Impeachment On A Technicality” trail? Well, none other than brown-noser Lindsey Graham himself.

It seems that the GOP’s most favorite go-to right now is screeching “but this isn’t how they did it with Clinton!” from every rooftop from here to Kalamazoo.

Ol’ Lapdog Lindsey got himself a little on the flustered side recently when trying to do so.

“If the Senate tried to interfere with the House impeachment process back in the 90s, under Clinton, how would you have reacted?” a reporter asked the Senator during a press conference.

“I think if we were doing this, you’d be beating the shit out of us,” Graham fired back, with a dirty word that I’m sure would’ve made his southern belle mama blush. “I think if Republicans were doing to Democrat what we’re doing, you would be all over me and I think it says a lot about people in your business, with all due respect. I am confident that if we had an Intel Committee inquiry involving a Democratic president where we selectively leaked stuff, you’d be calling us every kind of bad name and we would deserve it. What I’m saying is there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it, and this is a dangerous way to do it.”

As we say down here in the south, the dude really got his panties in a wad. But I guess you’ll have that when the guy that’s fixin’ to go down knows all the dirty details of your bedroom habits. That’s gotta suck, Graham.

You can watch his outburst here:

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