Watch Marjorie Taylor Greene Melt Down On A Reporter All Because He Asked A Question About Ukraine

Here we go again...

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Wouldn’t you know it, Marjorie Taylor Greene is out here having yet another meltdown.

Not long ago at all, we reported on the hissy fit that the highly-controversial Republican congresswoman pitched in public on CNN’s Jim Acosta, after he dared to confront her about alleged text messages she sent to then-Trump Chief of Staff, just days ahead of President Biden’s inauguration, expressing that some Republican congresspeople had privately suggested that then-outgoing President Trump should declare martial law.

Marje got so heated during the recent exchange outside the Capitol that she started screaming “You’re a liar!” at the CNN journalist.

But it looks like the Georgia GOP dimwit certainly hasn’t gotten herself any anger management classes between then and now.

In a new clip that’s now circulating on social media today, the highly controversial (so controversial, in fact, that people have literally tried to challenge her candidacy to run for office again and have her name removed from the ballot) Right-wing conspiracy theorist lawmaker can be seen pitching yet another one of her trademarked temper tantrums on a member of the “Fake News” — this time, over a question about Ukraine and Putin’s ongoing war against the country.

Greene has been vocally opposed to sending pretty much any form of aid to the country of Ukraine as they continue to battle invading Russian forces. To be frank, the woman has essentially done everything just short of officially confirming that she’s on Vladimir Putin’s side.

In the video clip, the report confronts her about her opposition to aiding Ukraine in the war, and Marje is quick to take her “America First” platform to a whole new insane level.

After saying that the sanctions against Russia and Putin “haven’t done anything,” Greene started to shout, with her customary wild hand gestures and flailing arms, “No! You know what?! I care about our country!”

“I am United States of America and our people,” she declared, before attempting to walk off from the reporter.

The journalist kept pushing, asking Greene, “Do you care about Ukraine?”

Marjorie proceeded to claim “I care about people,” before essentially confirming that she genuinely could not care less about Ukraine or its people.

See for yourself:

I mean, just say you’re on Putin’s side and you couldn’t give a damn less about Ukraine. It would take fewer words, lady.

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