Watch Wife Of Jailed Capitol Rioter Come Unhinged After Her Husband Got Longest, Most Brutal Sentencing Yet: “Y’all Can Go To Hell!”

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Yet another Capitol rioter has been sentenced in connection to their heinous January 6th actions, and this one’s wife is not happy about the whole situation.

Nicole Reffitt, whose imprisoned, Capitol-attacking husband Guy Reffitt was just recently slammed with the longest, most brutal sentencing in connection to the January 6th insurrection to date, broke her silence on her husband’s foreseeable future behind bars, and effectively went off on a raging rant that was so half-baked and unhinged, it would make Donald Trump look twice — ultimately declaring that her husband, as well as slain rioter Ashli Babbitt, are “patriots,” before turning her attack against the media and declaring, “Y’all can go to hell!”

Guy Reffitt was finally sentenced for his crimes on Monday, following a 5-count conviction back in March, and will ultimately serve more than 7 years behind bars — serving as the longest prison sentence handed down to a Capitol rioter to date.

Hot on the heels of the massive, bombshell sentencing, Reffitt’s children went public to trash former President Donald Trump, and called for a life sentence to be handed down to the man who they feel is responsible for the Capitol insurrection and even their father’s involvement in the attack.

However, Reffitt’s wife sang a much different tune.

Speaking to reporters following the brutal sentencing, Nicole heaped her praises on her husband as well as Ashli Babbitt, before directly addressing other individuals involved in the Capitol siege, calling on them to avoid taking plea deals:

This fight has just begun. Don’t take it. Please do not take a plea. They want us to take a plea. The reason that we have all guilty verdicts is they are making a point out of a guy, and that is to intimidate the other members of the one Sixers. And we will all fight together…

Guy was used as an example today to make all the One-Sixers take a plea. Do not take a plea. One-Sixers do not. We got this!”

ABC News’ Alex Malin chose to press Nicole a little further, given that her manic rant seemingly stood in direct contradiction to her husband’s courtroom remarks during his sentencing.

“Nicole, are you just saying this, though, for fundraising? Because even your husband in the sentencing hearing said that his past comments about the Justice for J-6 movement, that he essentially took all that back and that it was all, you know, a ruse to get fundraising for your family,” Malin questioned.

“Guys always wanted to make sure that we were going to be able to have a roof over our heads,” Nicole answered. “I was a stay-at-home mother for 17 years, and that was a job I took seriously. And what guy said, under duress in there is one thing.”

“Nicole, you’re saying that it’s not true what he said in there? That he wasn’t doing those things in order to raise money for you guys?” the ABC News reporter pressed further still.

“He didn’t say those things just to raise money for us, he said those things because he believed them. Just because he wants him persecuted because of his ideology. And he had to backtrack in order to hope that the judge showed him some mercy,” she doubled down.

Nicole has made previous public remarks praising not only her husband’s involvement in the deadly J6 attack but the participation of other insurrectionists as well, stating, “This is what this is, is political persecution. We are patriots. Ashli Babbitt was a patriot. My husband is a patriot. Roseanne Boyland was a patriot. And all I can say is that y’all can all go to hell and I’m going back to Texas.”

See the unhinged clips here:

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