West Point Cadets Who Were Ordered Back For Donald Trump’s Commencement Speech Have Tested Positive For COVID

We knew this was going to happen!

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At this point, it’s hard to tell what’s going on in the world anymore.

Living in the United States, under the rule of Donald Trump, it often feels like we’re just reeling from one tragedy or catastrophe to another. Often times, in fact, we’re left dealing with multiple calamities at once. Like right now.

Protests and riots against the murder of George Floyd are raging through the streets of all 50 states in America as people all across the nation refuse to watch yet another black man die in the streets, pleading for his life.

They’ve been going for weeks now and don’t show any signs of stopping until not only the ones responsible for Floyd’s death are convicted, but reform is seen in the United States. It’s powerful. It’s heartbreaking. It’s scary. And it’s led a lot of people to momentarily forget that we still have a deadly pandemic ravaging through our nation as we speak.

The coronavirus hasn’t gonna away yet. It is still, in fact, very much real, still very dangerous, and still highly transmittable.

We’re finding that out the hard way now as reports are revealing that more than a dozen cadets who were ordered back to West Point for Donald Trump’s commencement speech at their upcoming June 13th graduation, have tested positive for the potentially fatal virus, according to a report from Mother Jones.

USA Today reported that an additional 15 of the 1,106 cadets who returned to the US Military Academy tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, indicating that they were infected with and have recovered from COVID-19.

“This was anticipated. None were symptomatic, and no cadet has contracted through person-to-person contact while under the Army’s care,” a US Army spokesperson told CNN. “Those who test positive are isolated and receive appropriate care and attention while we continue an orderly reintegration of our cadets.”

But what’s Donald Trump worried about?

It’s certainly not the potential deaths from the virus.

After the academy revealed that social distancing guidelines would mean that this year’s graduation will look different than the years before, Trump found himself rather miffed about the appearance, saying, “Do I like the look? No, I don’t. Eventually, next year, they’ll have a commencement which will be like it’s been, nice and tight.”

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/White House Photo

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