“Where’s Melania?!”: Trump Shouted Down With The Million Dollar Question As He Makes Dramatic Courthouse Entrance

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Scandal-plagued former President Donald Trump made a dramatic arrival at a Manhattan courthouse this morning, where he will undergo the first day of his infamous New York Hush Money trial — where he stands accused of falsifying business records and illegal campaign finances in connection to hush money payments made to his alleged affair partners, in exchange for their silence, in an effort to protect his 2016 presidential campaign.

As he made his way inside the courthouse, the ex-president stopped for unsurprisingly theatrical remarks to reporters before making his way into the courtroom where he would face Judge Juan M. Merchan — whom he’s been brutally publicly attacking, along with Judge Merchan’s daughter, for weeks now, despite multiple gag orders in effect against him.

Trump’s remarks were as fantastical and dramatic as we’ve come to expect from him, telling the gaggle of gathered media, “Nothing like this has ever happened before. It’s never been anything like it. Every legal scholar said this case is nonsense. It should never have been brought.”

The ex-president called the case “political persecution,” before going on to add, “And that’s why I’m very proud to be here. This is an assault on our country, and it’s a country that’s failing.”

“It’s a country that’s run by an incompetent man who’s very much involved in this case,” Trump said. “This is really an attack on a political opponent. That’s all it is. So I’m very honored to be here.”

However, one reporter wanted an answer to the million-dollar question as Trump turned around to enter the courtroom without taking any questions or giving any responses to reporters: “Where’s Melania?”

Donald’s third and current wife, Melania Trump, has been markedly absent from the former president’s day-to-day life for some time now. She hasn’t been spotted out and about on his campaign trail and has appeared to stay as far away as possible from the criminal hush money case that sees her husband charged with 34 felony counts that connect to his extramarital affairs, some of which he allegedly engaged in just weeks after she had given birth to their only son. Multiple recent reports have indicated that Melania unsurprisingly finds this particular criminal trial, of the many currently raging against her husband, the most difficult to deal with.

See Trump’s remarks from Newsmax here:

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