White House Reportedly Has No Plans To Lower Flags For Slain Officer While Trump Is Apparently Angry, Claiming He Is Being Treated Unfairly

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Following the attack at the Capitol, seemingly by Donald Trump’s direction, Republicans can’t seem to come to terms with holding this president accountable for his own actions. Meanwhile, Democrats, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the helm, have drawn up an impeachment article against Donald J. Trump for inciting an armed insurrection.

Buried in an article by the Washington Post is a tidbit that gives us another glimpse into our president’s unstable mind. During the jaw-dropping insurrection, five people died, including a police officer. Yet, according to the report, “Trump spent much of the day Saturday railing about Twitter taking his account, according to two officials.”

And lowering the flags for the slain officer was not a top priority for the “law and order” president.


“The president has not said anything about the five people who died in the attack, including a Capitol Police officer, nor has he moved to lower the flags of the U.S. government in their honor.” Adding to that,  Trump, according to the news outlet, doesn’t plan to make that order and “has complained to advisers that he is being treated unfairly, two people familiar with his comments said.”

Trump isn’t going to have much of a defense team for his upcoming impeachment.

A number of lawyers who participated in Trump’s last impeachment defense, including Jay Sekulow, Pat Philbin and Pat Cipollone, would be unlikely to participate this time in defending the president, one adviser said. Possibilities include Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, or defense attorney Alan Dershowitz, the adviser said.

And Giuliani is a laughable defense attorney since he, too, incited the violence that the entire world witnessed when Trump supporters seized the U.S. Capitol building, creating chaos, death, destruction, and mayhem. Maybe Trump should try to find a lawyer that wasn’t part of why he’s being impeached. Some Republicans seem to be open to the idea of impeaching our abusive president again.

As for Trump thinking he’s being treated unfairly, that’s a classic narcissistic trait: the abused is the abuser. Americans have rejected Donald Trump as he’s being de-platformed on numerous social media sites, thus taking away his favorite toy.

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