White House Reporter Seems Bewildered By Trump’s Short Press Briefing: “Well, That Was Weird As Sh*t.”

I mean... Yea.

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Donald Trump’s public appearances since losing the 2020 presidential election have been few and far between, and frankly, they seem to be getting weirder and weirder with each passing one.

Donnie hasn’t been all to keen on showing his loser face to the world these past couple of weeks, and when it does happen, he always takes to spouting lies and long-debunked conspiracy theories and declaring himself the winner of a presidential race that was called in favor of his Democratic opponent, President-Elect Joe Biden, weeks ago now.

But above all else, the guy is refusing to take any questions. Like, at all. He just won’t do it. He won’t even pretend like he’s gonna do it. He says whatever nonsense he came out to say and hightails it back inside the White House, or out of the briefing room, or wherever he can run to as a safe space against those big, bad, mean reporters.


And it seems that, between his odd topics during these speaking events and his downright refusal to participate in the regular back and forth between himself and reporters that is expected during them, media personnel has been left a bit on the befuddled side.

Today, Donald held an impromptu, super quick press briefing in which he immediately took all the credit for the rise in the stock market, despite the fact that it’s all due to Biden’s impending presidency, when we know we’ll be released from the clutches of this Hell. And, of course, he took not a single question on his way out.

And it seems one reporter just couldn’t hold back their thoughts on it all.

After Trump walked out of the briefing room and shut the door behind him, one CSPAN reporter was caught on a hot mic, musing, “that was weird as shit.” One of his fellow reporters appeared to agree, calling it “one of the stranger” press briefings that had attended.

Honestly, I can’t help but agree. This is just weird as shit.

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