Reporter Asks Trump If He Plans On Pardoning Himself During Thanksgiving Event

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Today, outgoing President and First Lady Donald and Melania Trump participated in what will hopefully be the last traditional turkey pardoning of their lifetimes — unless they roleplay it out as some sort of mental breakdown induced fantasy from the discomfort of their jail cell, but I suppose that’s neither here nor there.

However, with the state of things in this nation at this point in time — what with screeches of a rigged election, a guy that refuses to concede, multiple failed lawsuits, and a First Lady that’s decorating for her very last f*cking Christmas from the White House —it’s pretty safe to say that people had much bigger things on their minds than a couple of turkeys getting the good ole pardon from the likes of Donald Trump.

In fact, their concern seemed to lie in who the actual presidential pardons would be going to as Donald finishes up his one term in the People’s House. Frankly, Donnie hasn’t had a good track record of picking winner, winner, chicken dinners when it comes to his pardoning abilities. And it’s a natural thing to wonder if he’s going to wind up trying to give one of his last to the person who needs it most — himself.


During today’s traditional Thanksgiving turkey pardoning event, one White House reporter took that concern and turned it into a real question for the lame-duck president.

As Donald and Melania wrapped up the event on the White House grounds one reporter took one for the team and asked the question we’ve all been itching for the answer to.

“Pardons before leaving office,” the reporter shouted out, “Will you be issuing a pardon for yourself?”

Of course, neither Donald or Melania so much as acknowledged the question, much less answered it, which isn’t surprising, considering the guy hasn’t taken a single question in DAYS.

But nevertheless, we were here for it all the same.

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