“You’re Fired!”: Melania’s Ex-Best Friend Says Whoever Created Cringey Melania Montage Posted By Trump May Soon Get Canned

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With Melania Trump’s proclivity for privacy these days — despite the fact that her husband is in the final stretch of his presidential campaign while simultaneously facing down literal dozens of felony criminal charges, investigations, and lawsuits that threaten to bankrupt and imprison him — speculations, theories, and critiques of the Trump marriage have been running rampant.

In fact, Melania’s own former best friend and advisor, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, recently theorized on the notion that the Trump marriage is hanging on by a mere thread, posting a short compilation of video clips to X (formerly known as Twitter), in which Trump pays less than no attention to his wife. Wolkoff wrote that “Donald’s lack of ‘chivalry’ towards Melania is quite a ‘tell,'” going on to explain, “Chivalry for Donald was waiting for Melania to go first & ensuring she walked by his side. He’s been doing neither recently.”

Critiques of Donald’s third and current marriage only grew in intensity, after the couple finally made a rare public appearance at a recent fundraiser at the Palm Beach home of billionaire investor John Paulson.

In clips of their public appearance that have since gone viral across social media, both Donald’s and even more so Melania’s facial expressions were impossible to ignore.

It seems that the critics really got under Donald’s skin this time, as he took to his Truth Social platform to share a video montage of his wife following their brutal mocking across social media:

The nearly 3-minute-long compilation opens with Trump calling Melania an “amazing mother” and “incredible woman.” It then cuts to a series of various clips of their time as the First Couple of the United States, as well as a bit of footage from their wedding, all set to the 1987 song “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship in the background.

Throughout the montage, we see clips of Donald and Melania taking photos together, dancing, holding hands, and exchanging kisses on the cheek. As the video comes to an end, Trump says, “Our first lady has been a woman of great grace, beauty, and dignity, and so popular with the people” — complete with a graphic of his 2024 campaign logo as the video fades out… Because of course.

It’s pretty painfully obvious that Donald wanted everyone to know and believe that, like all other facets of his life, he “only hires the best” — and that includes his wives.

However, the infamous Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has weighed in once again, as she doesn’t seem to think Melania is actually a big fan of the cringe-worthy montage and, as such, whatever employee put it together is likely to get canned over the ordeal.

“Whoever compiled this footage to create this montage of Melania definitely didn’t know the back stories to some of these instances & how ‘off brand’ this is,” Wolkoff wrote in a caption of the montage video on X (formerly known as Twitter.) ” You may soon hear, ‘you’re fired!’ When you play with fire, you get burned, even if you weren’t the one holding the match.”

As it stands, we’re unclear what Melania’s former close friend and advisor meant when she said  “the back stories to some of these instances,” but frankly, we can all venture a few guesses.

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