A Hoarse Sounding Trump Refuses To Says If He’s Tested Negative For COVID-19 While Announcing A Possible Rally For This Weekend

The man's ego is all that ever has or ever will matter to him.

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To say the very least, the entire situation surrounding Donald Trump and his recent diagnosis of coronavirus has been nothing short of a complete and utter disaster. Trump announced on Twitter that he and his wife Melania had been infected with the potentially fatal virus a week ago today, and to say that things have been a whirlwind since would be the understatement of the year.

As we’ve come to expect from these people, transparency about what was truly going on has been nowhere to be found. As handfuls of Trump’s peeps began to fall ill right behind him, the American people were jerked back and forth like a kid in a bad divorce — one moment, Trump is fine, the next he’s in Marine One headed to Walter Reed. Sean Conley says he’s improving, sources say he’s knocking on death’s door. And throughout it all, no one has been willing to give a straight answer as to when Trump was infected with the virus, where he likely caught it from, or when his last negative test was.

Frankly, we have and likely will never have any idea what the true timeline for this thing is. And Trump himself is doing everything he can to keep it that way.

Last night, Donald participated in a rather crazy interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity — during which he refused to reveal when/if he has tested negative for COVID-19, yet announced that he plans to hold a rally TOMORROW, all while literally hoarse, congested, and seeming to cough.

Trump is scheduled to hold a virtual rally on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show this afternoon. But evidently, that isn’t enough to satiate his ego.

During the interview, after repeatedly dodging the question about whether or not he’s now negative for the potentially deadly virus, Trump announced, “I think I’m gonna try doing a rally on Saturday night if we have enough time to put it together. We wanna do a rally, probably in Florida, on Saturday night. Might come back and do one in Pennsylvania the following night and it’s incredible what’s going on. I feel so good.”

First of all, if the timeline that the Trump White House is pushing, it’s almost impossible for Trump to be clear of the virus by tomorrow. But to make matters even worse, CNN was quick to note that the President doesn’t even sound well.

During a segment with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN hosts noted that, while it’s certainly not anything to be alarmed about as he simply sounded like someone who has been sick, Trump seemed to be pausing to cough and sounded very “congested” and noticeably hoarse.

Again, we have no way of knowing when Trump got sick or what state he’s in now, and frankly, we likely never will. But nevertheless, the recklessness and disregard for other’s is still beyond astounding.

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