Michigan AG Appears To Accuse Bill Barr Of Perjury After He Claimed To Have No Knowledge Of Right-Wing Plots

He either doesn't know, or he lied.

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This Friday on CNN, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel had a scathing review of Attorney General Bill Barr’s testimony to Congress in July and for good reason — just Thursday the domestic terror plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was revealed, and back then he nonchalantly denied knowing any real detail on the matter. Nessel being underwhelmed by Barr’s lackluster testimony didn’t end with that though, she continued saying that Barr’s words before the House committee need to be examined:

“Over the summer United States Attorney General Bill Barr testified under oath before the House Judiciary Committee that he had no idea that there were any threats being made at all to the governor of the state of Michigan.”

Nessel’s statement continues, “And yet, his own authorities were actively working to foil these types of plans and these threats, which seems very curious to me that either, A: he didn’t know what was happening in his own Justice Department or, B: he committed perjury.”


CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Thursday had his own take on the matter, playing the video of the actual testimony seeing Rep. Pramila Jayapal questioning Barr asking if he was aware that, “these protesters called for the governor to be lynched, shot, and beheaded.”

The protest in question took place back in April when armed men occupied the Senate Gallery in Michigan demonstrating against Gov. Whitmer’s stay-at-home order. It appears as those two of the people from that incident were caught up in this recently foiled kidnapping plot.

“These people were investigating it at the same time. A sitting governor, over a dozen bad guys, months of planning, murderous intent, derivative of the main domestic terror threat we face,” he explained. “And he’s clueless? How? How is that okay?” Cuomo exclaimed.

The truth is, it isn’t okay for the United States Attorney General to not know, or lie about knowing about what has been declared the most prominent terrorist threat to the US.

Check out below for the full exchange:

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