A Magazine Cover That Was Displayed At Ivana Trump’s Funeral Was Apparently Doctored To Remove Hillary Clinton

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According to photos captured by both the New York Post and Vanity Fair, a magazine cover that was displayed at Ivana Trump’s funeral this week had been doctored to exclude mention of Donald Trump’s 2016 Democratic presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Vanity Fair magazine cover was blown up and displayed at the 73-year-old Manhattan socialite’s “celebration of life” on Wednesday, featuring a cover photo of Trump’s first wife with the headline: “Ivana Be a Star.” However, the original magazine print also featured a headline in the lower right-hand corner with Hillary Clinton’s name, promoting a Vanity Fair story on the former secretary of state’s possible future in the White House.

The magazine cover hailed from May of 1992 with a headline reading: “Hillary Clinton: Will she get to the White House with Bill or without him?” The featured piece on Clinton was authored by Gail Sheehy. Clinton would go on to run against Ivana’s ex-husband in the 2016 presidential race, where she would secure the popular vote, but lost the Electoral College vote to Donald Trump.

Ivana Trump passed away on Thursday of last week, with authorities revealing that the Czech-American former model turned Manhattan socialite was found at the bottom of a staircase in her Upper East Side home. The medical examiner has since determined Ivana’s cause of death as “an accident caused by blunt impact injuries to her torso.”

Vanity Fair, the publication behind the magazine cover used at Ivana’s funeral, personally made note of the apparently doctored issue that was blown up and displayed by the late Manhattan socialite’s golden casket during her funeral. The New York Times has reported that the Trump Organization was behind the funeral arrangements for the ex-president’s late first wife.

Daniel D’Addario with Vanity Fair posted photos of the altered magazine cover to Twitter:

Vanity Fair covered the news of Ivana’s untimely death as well as her funeral, which they dubbed a “Trumpian affair.” The publication reported that the “likeliest” explanation for the magazine cover that didn’t feature the Clinton headline was editing done by someone before the cover was blown up and displayed. However, the publication did note that it was possible that subscriber editions of the issue could have been sent out that did not originally feature the story on the former first lady and secretary of state — meaning Ivana Trump could have possibly been given an edition of the magazine with her cover story that did not feature the Clinton piece.

Donald Trump was the first of the Trump family to break his silence on Ivana’s death, writing on his Truth Social platform, “A very sad day, but at the same time a celebration of a wonderful and beautiful life.”

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