A Reporter Went Undercover As A MAGA Supporter, Secretly Recorded Conversations Overheard At Trump’s Rallies And What She Exposed Left Us Deeply Disturbed

This is absolutely horrifying.

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Look, we knew well before now that what goes down behind the scenes at a Trump rally, among the now-former guy’s most devout supporters, is heinous, at best. However, being that we’re not Trump supporters, we’ve never truly witnessed just how bad it really does get behind those closed doors — among the very same base of people that violently stormed the nation’s Capitol building.

But one reporter has.

With the somber anniversary of the January 6th Capitol riot upon us, co-hosts of The Daily Beast’s podcast Fever Dreams, Asawin Suebsaeng and Will Sommer welcomed guest Amanda Moore onto their show to discuss the upcoming anniversary and the insurrection as a whole — from an insider’s point of view.

Moore revealed on the podcast that for more than a year she has been an undercover operative, disguised as a true, blue Trump supporter, secretly recording the conversations she heard at various MAGA, QAnon, and CPAC rallies and events.

Believe me when I say, the things she recorded and discovered are beyond deeply disturbing.

The main thing Moore took away from her year-plus-long experience was, “there’s a rise of right-wing populism among the under-30 crowd that’s incredibly alarming to me… I really worry about it… I really just can never stress enough, like the rise of like the younger populist fascists. And like I said, everybody, under 35, I met who was at the Capitol says, ‘We did it. That was us.’ And they accept it and they’re like, ‘It would’ve been cooler if we had gotten further.’ And, like, ‘The Founding Fathers would be proud of us.'”

The Daily Beast goes on to report that the “…increasingly popular far-right playbook for harassing hyperlocal and moderate GOP officials and their children—people who are ostensibly part of the same party—to pressure them out of positions overseeing elections or on school boards, in order to install more radical acolytes.”

“Pressley Stutts took over the very local Greenville, South Carolina, GOP—I mean, he bullied this woman… who was in charge into quitting,” the undercover, fake MAGA supporting reporter went on to state. “And now—I mean, he was at an event I was at, and there was a COVID outbreak, and now he’s dead. But I mean, before he died, he was able to accomplish this.”

Moore goes on to reveal that during November and December of 2020, she literally had to risk her health and safety and stop wearing her face covering during the rampant COVID-19 pandemic because wearing a mask at the various Stop the Steal rallies was too dangerous, and she knew it would likely give her away.

“I don’t know what a super spreader is in technicality,” she told the co-hosts. “But if it means everybody there got COVID, I went to at least a dozen superspreader events and people died at almost all of them. And these are people who, like, were preaching to the very last breath—like, don’t get the vaccine.”

You can listen to Moore’s troubling revelations on the Fever Dreams podcast here:

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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