A Reporter Who Was Inside Capitol During Attack Released His Own Texts To Mark Meadows And They’re Horrifying: “Do Something For Us… We’re All Helpless”

There is NO excuse for this.

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As we’ve reported over the past couple of days, GOP House Rep. and Vice-Chair of the January 6th House Select Committee Liz Cheney is taking Trump’s allies straight to task, including members of his own family, as she spent the day reading text messages into the record that were sent to Donald’s then Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, while the January 6th Capitol insurrection was underway.

Some of the text messages released by the House Select Committee were clear as to who they were from — such as Donald’s own eldest son, Don Jr., and Fox’s Brian Kilmeade and Laura Ingraham. However, others seemed to be released without names, leaving us unaware of who had penned the messages to Mark Meadows as the Capitol was under siege and the President refused to act for hours.

But recently, one reporter who was inside the Capitol building as Donald Trump’s own supporters violently attacked is speaking out, making it known that some of those messages were sent to Meadows by him.

And be warned, they’ll make your stomach drop, given all that we know about that fateful day.

“Last night, as we all now know, the Jan 6 committee released texts that meadows got on Jan 6. I knew I had communicated a ton w White House officials that day as I sat in the Capitol,” Punchbowl’s Jake Sherman wrote on Twitter today, “This thread stuck out to me. That’s because they were my texts to Meadows.”

“Here they are from my phone. Anyway, I’m sure it will come out that this was me. Seems impossible that it will stay a secret. So out of transparency, here it is,” Sherman writes in a second tweet, accompanied by screenshots of the actual messages he sent to Meadows from his phone. “I got no response, for what it is worth. And that’s the end of the conversation.”

Sherman notes that his desperate pleas with Meadows seemed to fall on deaf, or at least uncaring ears, as the reporter never received a response from the Chief of Staff.

The reporter’s texts were, of course, just a few of many that painted a desperate picture of the panic that was induced by the infamous Capitol riot, as well as damning evidence that Donald Trump didn’t give a rat’s ass.

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