A Trump Supporter Was Reportedly Arrested Outside Manhattan Courthouse After Pulling Weapon During Altercation With Passerby

There's no excuse for this.

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Millions of Americans have waited on bated breath full of frustration, anticipation, and impatience for the widely expected and long anticipated Manhattan hush money indictment to finally come crashing down on Donald Trump’s head.

It didn’t look as though that long-awaited indictment was going to come as soon as we’d hoped, as reports indicated that the Manhattan grand jury still had more evidence to hear and would taking a month-long break that would serve to push the formal criminal charges against the ex-president out to at least late April.

Nevertheless, in a vote that came as a complete surprise to the nation, the Manhattan grand jury voted to indict the former president in the Manhattan hush money case.

But none of that seemed to soothe Donald’s base of supporters who, at his goading over the past several days, have grown more and more rabid, violent, and unhinged.

Recent reporting from journalist Marta Dhanis revealed that a pro-Trump woman was arrested outside of the Manhattan courthouse after she got involved in a confrontation with a passerby and ultimately pulled out a weapon.

Dhanis wrote in a tweet, captioning footage of the woman’s arrest, “On the sidelines: a Trump supporter was just arrested across the street from the courthouse. She was holding a sign ‘I stand with Trump do you’ and got into a verbal fight with a passerby and then pulled out a knife. Court officers arrested her on the spot.”

Trump has spent weeks now calling his supporters to action over the mere notion of his arrest in a manner that’s frankly been eerily reminiscent of the deadly January 6th Capitol attack, earning himself a windfall of PR and financial donations to his campaign, as well as a newly opened avenue to additional potential charges and evidence against himself.

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