After Her Bikini Blunder, MTG Busted Out Her Gymnastic Moves In Bizarre Video

This is starting to get weird.

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Guys, Marjorie Taylor Greene is getting super weird.

As we’re all aware, the highly controversial and staunchly Right-wing Georgia Republican Congresswoman was hit with the most brutal insult of the century when Texas Democratic House Representative Jasmine Crockett called Greene a “bleach-blonde, bad-built, butch body” in what went down as probably the most infamous verbal slap in the face of our lifetime. This came after Greene openly insulted Crockett’s “fake eyelashes,” insinuating that they were affecting the congresswoman’s ability to read properly.

Crockett’s play on words about the QAnon congresswoman (who has regularly been compared to the likes of a caveman on social media) served as this generation’s shot heard ’round the world β€” almost instantly going viral across every social media platform in existence and leaving Greene to relive her humiliation at every turn.

Since then, Marjorie has seemingly taken a new interest in showing off that “bad-built, butch body” of hers basically every chance she gets, in what appears to be a really pathetic attempt to make people think she’s attractive.

Just recently, we reported on the Georgia congresswoman’s 50th birthday post, in which she shared a photo of herself to her X (formerly known as Twitter) account, standing poolside in a baby blue two-piece swimsuit and a straw cowboy hat, complete with a novella of a caption about how great she is in every conceivable way.

But, apparently, that wasn’t enough to give Marge the boost in her self-esteem that she was going for β€” which isn’t entirely surprising, given how her comments section went down on that post.

Nevertheless, she tried again, this time taking to her X account to share a truly bizarre video of herself showing off some gymnastic moves in a pair of shorty shorts.

“Everything is upside down in Washington DC,” Greene wrote in the caption of a video of herself doing a handstand.

I promise I’m not making this up. See for yourself:

Lo and behold the comment section yet again didn’t go according to plan:

Maybe try therapy, girlfriend. Because these weird attempts at thirst traps really aren’t working for you at all.

Featured image via screen capture

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