“Creepiest Pic Of A Mom And Son I Think I’ve Ever Seen”: People Were So Disturbed By This Resurfaced Photo Of Melania And Barron, Snopes Had To Prove It Was Actually Real

Honestly kinda wish I'd never seen that.

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A resurfaced photo of former First Lady Melania Trump with her only son Barron has the internet cringing in collective disgust and discomfort, as the photo appears to have rather heavy… Sexually inappropriate undertones that have left people to question why CPS was never called and Snopes running a good old-fashioned fact check to make sure it’s even real.

Spoiler Alert: It unfortunately is as real as they come.

It seems the photo was first re-published to social media by X (formerly known as Twitter) user Sundae_Divine and quickly went pretty viral.

The picture shows a young Barron sitting in his mother’s lap on a sofa, aiming a camera down at her face and bust as Melania holds onto Barron’s thighs, with what appears to be a few Polaroid shots of Melania scattered across the sofa.

You can see it for yourself here:

With Artificial Intelligence so prominent these days that it’s hard to really trust anything, people immediately began to question the validity of the photo and wonder if it was just some sort of deeply inappropriate AI concoction.

The questions started to swirl so much so that Snopes picked it up and, unfortunately, verified that the photo is, in fact, very real.

According to Snopes, “the photo was real and was found in theΒ Getty Images library, which is why we labeled this claim ‘True.'”

The fact-checking publication did note that the photograph was taken on Jan. 6, 2016 β€” when now 18-year-old Barron was only 9 β€”during a photo shoot at Trump Tower in New York City. The image credit belongs to Regine Mahaux.

Apparently, there is an entire album of Melania, Donald, and Barron from the same photo shoot, in a similar photo style.

Frankly, it seems the validity of the image only made it worse for people who had the misfortunate displeasure of seeing it:

Personally, I will be spending the remainder of my day trying to scrub the existence of this image from my brain.

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