After Refusing To Shake Pelosi’s Hand, Trump Touts Melania’s “Be Best” Initiative

This can't be real life.

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Donald Trump offered his State of the Union address on Tuesday evening before he was even acquitted by his lackeys in the Senate on Wednesday. Unsurprisingly, it was not a normal event with the “president’s” wife bestowing the Medal of Freedom on (checks notes) right-wing media bully Rush Limbaugh. Of course, that was before Trump refused to shake House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hand in front of the country. Trump also bragged about people “coming off food stamps” but his administration has actually kicked Americans off the direly needed program.

So, it was rather awkward when he went on to praise Melania Trump’s ‘Be Best” initiative considering that the acidic “president” is the biggest bully in the world.


Twitter users nailed it.

To be sure, Pelosi doesn’t give a fuck if Trump shakes her hand or not. The House Speaker can wear that as a badge of honor, but kicking families off food stamps (SNAP) is another matter. The Trump administration will cut food assistance for nearly 700,000 Americans, also affecting many of their relatives and housemates, according to The Atlantic. Melanie must know her initiative is a joke as she just sat there batting her fake eyelashes while her husband lavished her with praise for her laughably failed initiative.

Trump, of course, brought up former President Barack Obama several times. The newly impeached “president” only made himself look worse tonight as he bragged about his failed policies, such as what he called the “great Republican tax cuts” while failing to mention our country’s exploding debt.

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