Nancy Pelosi Appeared To Tear Up Copy Of Trump’s SOTU Speech As POTUS Was Finishing His Closing Statement

This woman is a BOSS.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi clearly was not here for Donald Trump’s bullshit State of the Union address this evening — and booooooy oh boy, did she show it!

Before Trump even had a chance to open his big, fat mouth tonight, Pelosi had already begun her epic trolling of what is now undoubtedly the most corrupt, deplorable president this nation has ever seen. As Donald approached the podium, he turned around to hand folders containing copies of his impending speech to House Speaker Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence who were seated behind him.

As Nancy took the folder from Trump, she extended her hand to offer POTUS a handshake ahead of his speech — a move that any mature, grown-ass adult would do in this type of situation, politics aside. However, Trump’s pettiness just couldn’t be contained and he ultimately completely ignored the friendly gesture from the House Speaker. So, it seems that Nancy decided rather quickly that two can play at that game.

Pelosi quickly shot Trump a look that can only be described as the perfect combination of “get bent” and “I couldn’t possibly give less shits about you if I tried” before taking her seat, keeping a similar expression spread across her face for the remainder of the event.

But it was at the conclusion of Donald’s speech when Pelosi truly got in her final, most epic dig— by standing up behind Donald Trump, while he was still poised at the podium, and ripping her copy of his speech in half. Right there, in plain view, where everyone could see.

Because she is a fucking BOSS.

Questioned later by NBC News congressional reporter, Frank Thorp V, as to why she chose to rip the speech up, Nancy simply responded, “Because it was the courteous thing to do. It was the courteous thing to do considering the alternative.”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that the alternative at that moment was likely whopping the dumbass in the head with the damn thing.

Kudos to her for having more self-control than I would have.

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