Americans Were Outraged After Mitch McConnell Said Obama “Should Have Kept His Mouth Shut” Following Reports Former POTUS Criticized Trump’s Handling Of Pandemic

Sit down, Mitch.

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Donald Trump has been on a Twitter rampage, and we’re pretty sure we know what set off the thin-skinned president. Former President Barack Obama held a private phone call with members of the Obama Alumni Association, in which he tore into Trump’s appallingly slow response to the national crisis and vowed to campaign hard for Democratic presumptive nominee Joe Biden. Trump is devoid of empathy, but when it comes to being criticized, that’s when he lashes out.

Trump has been blasting his predecessor daily since he got into office. It’s a pathetic display as he’s even blamed Obama for “broken tests” for the coronavirus that didn’t exist on his watch.

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell took aim at Obama during an interview with Lara Trump to say he “should have kept his mouth shut,” and called the former president “classless.”


That didn’t go down well at all.

Obama’s phone call was leaked, and if he had done absolutely nothing after more than one hundred thousand Americans had died from COVID-19, then that would mean he was as devoid of feelings for others as Trump is. Trump was handed a healthy economy from his predecessor, but that’s gone now. Tens of millions of Americans are now unemployed. Obama is trying to do something because he loves this country.

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