An Anonymous “Senior Administration Official” Inside The Biden White House Broke Their Silence On The Trump Compound Search

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The Biden White House has been markedly quiet in the days following the Justice Department-directed FBI search warrant raid of the president’s predecessor’s Palm Beach estate. While the president and the administration as a whole have not really weighed in on the matter one way or the other, the Biden White House has asserted that President Joe Biden was not aware of the Mar-a-Lago raid prior to its execution, and instead learned of the FBI searching Donald Trump’s country club golf resort that he now calls home via social media posts and reporting, just the same as the rest of the American people.

President Biden himself and his administration as a whole entity still have not yet officially broken their silence on the matter. However, CNN is now out with anonymous quotes they’ve reportedly been given from a “senior administration official” from inside the Biden White House who has now spoken out on the highly publicized, controversial, and bombshell matter.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, Kevin Liptak, and Natasha Bertrand report:

White House officials have privately expressed deep concern over the tranche of classified material taken to former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida, including some documents that are only meant to be viewed only in secure government facilities, CNN has learned. As more information has emerged in the days since FBI agents combed the former President’s private residence, current administration officials have become increasingly concerned about what Trump took and whether that information – some located in a basement-level storage facility at Mar-a-Lago – could potentially put the sources and methods of the US intelligence community at risk.”

According to the publication, the senior Biden administration official told CNN, “there is deep concern.”

The unsettling report goes on to note that the intelligence community is equally concerned over the potential dangers and ramifications of what Donald Trump has done.

“Intelligence officials have also expressed concern about what Trump might have taken, according to a source with direct knowledge of the matter,” CNN reports. “Intelligence community representatives have had discussions with the Justice Department, congressional intelligence committees, and the National Archives in recent months about potentially missing sensitive documents, the source said.”

The publication goes on to note, “White House officials have steadfastly maintained near-silence on the matter, insisting it is for the Justice Department to comment on the ongoing investigation.”

Read the bombshell full report from CNN here.

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