Fox News Is Reportedly Cutting Ties With Trump’s Daughter-In-Law Amid His Controversial 2024 Campaign Launch

It's all crumbling now, Donald.

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The Trump ship is sinking, folks. It’s taking on water from every direction at an alarmingly rapid rate and the few peons who were left on the boat these days are jumping ship like the drowning rats they are — and it’s all been made that much worse by the scandal-ridden, corrupt former guy’s recent flop of a 2024 presidential campaign launch announcement.

The personal backlash surrounding Trump’s less-than-stunning campaign launch was bad enough for the former president. The support for a Trump 2024 presidential run has been tepid, at its very best. Frankly, even the highest level of Republicans have washed their hands of the whole mess and are already looking for a replacement for the former de facto leader and kingmaker of the GOP.

But if that weren’t already bad enough, it seems the Trump sickness is beginning to spread from the big guy, out through his family and the few close insiders he has left these days.

According to new reporting and confirmation from the ultra Right-wing network itself, none other than Fox News is now officially cutting its ties with Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, middle son Eric’s wife Lara, who up until this point, enjoyed an official position as a paid contributor with the far-Right Conservative “news” outlet.

In a statement released over the weekend by a spokesperson for Fox News Network, the outlet said, “We appreciate Lara’s valuable contributions across Fox News Media programming,” ultimately confirming that Lara Trump is OUT.

It is worth noting here that Fox has a long-standing tradition of cutting all professional and paid ties with individuals who have launched a presidential campaign, and even oftentimes those closest to them. It seems Lara, who served as a senior consultant and surrogate during her father-in-law’s failed 2020 presidential campaign, got caught up in that collateral damage this time.

While there’s a certain tradition in the network to this decision, there’s really no denying that Fox has been trying to err away from the Trumps for some time now, as they seem to center their attention on Florida’s Ron DeSantis.

Lara officially joined the fringe Right-wing network back in March of 2021 as a legitimate paid contributor, with the official announcement being made on a Fox & Friends segment where she told the hosts, “I sort of feel like I’ve been an unofficial member of the team for so long. You guys know, it was kind of a joke over the past five years, I would come there so often that the security guards were like maybe we should just give you a key. So to be part of the team I am so, so excited.”

Lara was allegedly weighing an Arkansas Senate run at the time, but would have had to give up her role at Fox had she taken on the congressional campaign.

Ever since her numbered days with Fox began, her father-in-law has effectively made an ass out of her, as he regularly used his struggling social media platform to positively rail against the network where his son’s wife was gainfully employed.

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