Apparently Trump Wants Back In The White House So Bad He’s Willing To Debate Biden There: “Set It Up Right Now… I’m Ready”

If you're that desperate, just say so.

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It’s certainly no big secret that Donald Trump is absolutely desperate to get those freakishly tiny feet of his back into the White House, no matter the price — apparently, even if that means he’s got to go toe-to-toe with the guy who brutally beat him 4 years ago.

Donald has religiously refused to take part in any of the presidential debates throughout this election cycle. However, he dropped a video on his Truth Social platform this week calling on sitting President Joe Biden to set up a debate between himself and his 2020 conqueror turned 2024 opponent, while very pointedly suggest the White House as a possible venue for the big event.

“Dear Joe, now that you’ve committed to debate on the ratings-challenged Howard Stern Show, let’s set it up right now,” the scandal-plagued and multi-indicted former president and 2024 Republican frontrunner said in a video uploaded to Truth Social Thursday afternoon. I’m ready to go anywhere that you are. We could do it in D.C., even pinpoint the White House, or in New York when your radical-left fascists are finished with the election interference against your political opponent, me, because we’re gonna win and we’re gonna win big.”

“In any event, let’s get it done,” he continued in the clip that dragged on for just over 2 minutes. “The people of our country deserve to know why you have allowed 15 million people in, probably many more than that, into our country from prisons and mental institutions, and terrorists are pouring into our country. They’re invading our country and you’re letting them do it.”

The disgraced former president was referencing an appearance President Biden made on The Howard Stern Show last month, during which Biden told host Howard Stern that he would be “happy” to go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump in a debate ahead of November’s presidential election.

“I’m happy to debate him,” Biden said last month, adding the caveat, however, that he didn’t know “when.”

While Trump has refused to debate any of his Republican opponents through this election cycle, claiming that a debate would be pointless due to how far ahead he is in the polls, President Biden has also refused to participate in any debates due, in large part, to the fact that he seems to refuse to even acknowledge his Democratic opponents who include the likes of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dean Phillips.

You can watch Trump’s video message here:

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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