Appeals Court Deals Donald Trump Damning Blow, Orders An End To Trump’s Special Master Review Of Mar-A-Lago Documents, Dismantles Judge Cannon’s Protection Of The Ex-President

Trump is screwed.

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Just recently, we reported on the expected brutal development from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, in which multiple legal experts believed the panel of judges would “slam” Trump-appointed U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon, who has become known for delivering corrupt ruling after corrupt ruling in the Mar-a-Lago stolen document case that clearly served only one single purpose at the core of them all — to protect scandal-ridden ex-President Donald Trump from the United States Department of Justice’s investigation.

Cannon was appointed to her position on the bench by the now-former president back in 2020, in the final waning days of Donald Trump’s tumultuous presidential term. Cannon was then appointed to take on the infamous Mar-a-Lago stolen document case — after the scandal-ridden ex-president was busted for stealing hundreds of boxes, full of thousands of highly-classified government documents and relocating them with him to his Palm Beach estate and proceeding to lie to the National Archives and Records Administration multiple times about his possession of those documents — in which she has delivered ruling after ruling that has left legal experts and DOJ investigators baffled, blindsided, and infuriated, as she blatantly rules in favor of protecting Donald Trump, rather than the rule of law.

Now, new reports confirm that day has finally come, and it’s absolutely detrimental for the former president.

CNN’s Tierney Sneed reports, “In a ruling on Thursday, the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court’s order appointing a so-called special master to sort through thousands of documents found at Trump’s home to determine what should be off limits to investigators. ‘The law is clear,’ the appeals court wrote. ‘We cannot write a rule that allows any subject of a search warrant to block government investigations after the execution of the warrant. Nor can we write a rule that allows only former presidents to do so.'”

The 11th Circuit ruling effectively dismantled the previous special counsel review implemented by Cannon at the bequest of Trump and his legal team. Cannon’s infuriating ruling on behalf of the former president who appointed her was considered by many Americans and legal experts to be nothing more than a stall tactic for the scandal-ridden ex-president, who faces true criminal liability in this case.

The three-judge 11th Circuit Appeals panel consists of TWO judges who were hand-appointed by Donald Trump himself, yet they still found that Judge Aileen Cannon “improperly exercised” her authority, and allowing the special counsel review to continue to move forward would effectively “defy our nation’s foundational principle that the law applies to all.”

According to multiple reports, even the Trump-picked special counsel himself, Senior Judge Raymond Dearie of Brooklyn, was skeptical and uncomfortable with the way his review of the documents was being used by the former president and his legal team.

Trump was already on the losing side of this case thanks to a previous 11th Circuit ruling that severely narrowed the scope of Dearie’s review of the documents, and undid a ruling from Cannon that halted the DOJ’s investigation completely. The previous ruling held that the Justice Department and intelligence community were entitled to, at the very least, access to the documents found at and seized from Mar-a-Lago that were clearly marked highly classified to allow them to conduct a national security review, in direct contradiction to Cannon’s ruling.

Read the full report from CNN here.

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