As Things Fall Apart For Her Father, Tiffany Trump Was Spotted Relaxing On Vacation In Greece With Billionaire Fiance

Not to worried about dad, eh?

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Donald Trump is in a whole lot of trouble as the Justice Department told the Treasury Department that it “must” turn over the former president’s tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee, which first requested them more than two years ago. And then, a New York Times bombshell report revealed that the twice-impeached one-term narcissistic president was caught red-handed trying to overturn the election that he lost handily to Joe Biden in both the electoral and popular vote. Trump, of course, tried to spin the story to clear himself, but he only made it worse. The notes Trump wrote to the DOJ appear to be in the former president’s handwriting.

The thing about the Trump family is that there is little love or affection shown by any of them, unless they do it in a super-secret way, but that would be kind of weird, too.

For example, there’s Tiffany Trump. She always remained private and stayed out of her father’s shitshow of a presidency — until the end when she started campaigning for him even after her father’s godawful four years in office. Tiffany was always hands-off until she went full-MAGA, then all bets were off.


So, the Daily Mail captured photos of Tiff with her fancy pants billionaire fiancé Michael Boulos on the Greek island of Mykonos this weekend, where the couple was taking an apparent break from planning their “international spectacle” of a wedding.

“The 27-year-old daughter of Donald Trump strolled across a beach with Michael to board a boat anchored in the clear blue Aegean Sea,” the outlet reports. “Tiffany appeared to have taken inspiration from the island’s history as she looked every inch the Greek goddess in a flowing pale blue dress, cinched in at the waist with a belt and with a daring thigh-high split.”

“She paired the dress with matching Dior accessories of a bucket hat, sliders and a tote bag, which dangled from the arm of her fiancé, square sunglasses and some large, statement pieces of jewelry,” the report continues. “On her ring finger, she flashed her large 13-carat diamond engagement ring, which is estimated to be worth a staggering $1.2 million.”

“The couple, who moved to Miami along with most of the Trump clan earlier this year, are said to be planning a ‘big ceremony’ for their wedding that will even upstage their glamorous, high-profile proposal,” the outlet adds.

That’s nice, but what about Dad? And it’s not just Donald’s legal issues as investigators are honing in, but the former president has acted even more mentally unstable as usual. The guy is even trying to sabotage President Joe Biden’s infrastructure deal. It doesn’t sound like Tiff is too worried, though. In most families, if one member is in trouble, the rest of them circle the wagons. That doesn’t seem to be the case here.

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You can read the rest of the report and see the photos here.

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