Biden Appears To Troll Trump After He Boasts About His “Record” Polls: “This Same Poll Has You Losing To Me By 7 Points”

Biden tried his hand at some Twitter trolling and we are not disappointed.

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Donald Trump takes to that handy, dandy Twitter account of his with a lot of bullshit. I mean… Like… A LOT. And it never fails, the dude gets positively, absolutely hammered in the replies. Every single time. It literally never fails.

Pick a Trump tweet, any ole Trump tweet, click on that bad boy and I’ll bet you my last paycheck it’s chock full of thousands of Twitter users reminding him of what a big, dumb fuckwit he is — with little more than the occasional “hail MAGA” thrown in there by some desperate fool trying to make it look as though not everyone hates his guts and wishes bad, terrible things for him.

It’s honestly just come to be expected at this point and it’s not really something anyone gets too up in arms about anymore.

Trump tweets some bullshit, gets destroyed in the comments, and we go on about our day because apparently this is ‘Murica now.

But every once in a while someone a bit more influential than your average, everyday Twitter user hops on with a blistering reply to a particularly unhinged, nonsensical, or disgusting Trump musing and it gives us all an extra giggle for the day.

Because, at this point, if you don’t laugh you just cry. So much crying.

Trump has found himself pretty brutally trolled by a few different notable names over the years including his former presidential opponent Hillary Clinton, world-renowned singer Rihanna, and even a Mexican airline.

And now it seems that Donald’s biggest competition in the 2020 presidential race has thrown his hat into the Twitter troll ring as well.

Trump has been very clearly disturbed over recent polls that show overwhelming support for his impeachment as well as a dismal prognosis for his chances against Democratic 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden.

So, of course, Donald did what he always does in these situations and took to his Twitter account to make himself look better than what he really is.

“Approval Rating in Republican Party = 95%, a Record! Overall Approval Rating = 51%. Think of where I’d be without the never ending, 24 hour a day, phony Witch Hunt, that started 3 years ago!” Trump’s recent tweet read, in which he attempted to convince the masses that he’s not completely flailing.

But Biden, the former VP who’s at the center of Trump’s attempted scandal that’s now resulted in his impending impeachment just wasn’t having any of Donnie’s nonsense today and replied to Trump’s tweet with one of his own, reminding the “president” of the other numbers contained in the poll he was quoting.

“This same poll has you losing to me by 7 points,” Biden’s short and sweet response read, packing one hell of a punch in 11 little words.

Ol’ “Sleepy Joe” isn’t looking so sleepy now, is he Donnie?

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