CNN Approached Devin Nunes To Ask Him A Question, He Refused, Saying “I Don’t Talk To You In This Lifetime Or The Next”

He really doesn't want to talk about it!

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Things aren’t going so well lately for Republican Rep. Devin Nunes after Democratic House Intelligence Committee member Eric Swalwell read a report into the record at the most recent public impeachment inquiry hearing, implicating the lawmaker in Donald Trump’s massive Ukraine scandal — revealing that Nunes took part in a secret meeting with former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

You could tell simply by the look that spread across Nunes’ face during Swalwell’s statement that this bombshell report was rather bad news for the GOP committee member.

Since Swalwell’s explosive statement on the impeachment hearing record, one former federal prosecutor spoke with CNN to explain just exactly what this could mean for the Republican — claiming that Nunes could very well be found guilty of a “federal crime” in connection with the secret Ukrainian meeting.

But there’s one individual at the very heart of this debacle that has absolutely no intention of speaking with CNN regarding the blistering story — Devin Nunes himself.

Nunes was more than happy to tell the right-wing Breitbart News that the report was “demonstrably false.” However, when approached by CNN the first time back a few weeks ago with questions regarding his trip to Vienna, Nunes interrupted with a rather angry response: “I don’t talk to you in this lifetime or the next lifetime.”

“At any time,” Nunes added. “On any question.”

When questioned again here recently about his Vienna trip as well as his interactions with Shokin and Parnas, the GOP Rep. doubled down on his irate response.

“To be perfectly clear, I don’t acknowledge any questions from you in this lifetime or the next lifetime,” Nunes fumed as he departed the impeachment hearing. “I don’t acknowledge any question from you ever.”

To be perfectly clear, Nunes follows the suit of his boss and refuses to answer any questions from any media outlet that doesn’t paint him in a flattering light. That’s what this boils down to.

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