Biden White House Chief Of Staff Brutally Busts Senator Ted Cruz On His Blatant Lies About Supreme Court Nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson


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Texas Republican Senator and Cancun wannabe transplant Ted Cruz effectively got his ass handed to him by none other than President Biden’s White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain — after Klein brutally called out Cruz’s incessant, blatant lies about Biden Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

During the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting ahead of the vote on Judge Jackson’s confirmation, the Trump-loving GOP lawmaker had this to say:

There have been 115 men and women who have served on the supreme court. If judge Jackson is confirmed, I believe she will prove to be the most extreme and the furthest left Justice ever to serve on the United States Supreme Court. She’ll be to the left of Justice Sotomayor. She will be to the left of Justice Kagan. She will be way, way, way to the left of Justice Stephen Breyer.

That’s why radical leftist groups have pledged to spend over $1 million supporting her nomination, while they demanded the Biden white house pick the furthest left, the most extreme nominee. That’s their agenda. Our Democratic colleagues like to pretend they don’t support the agenda this Justice can be predicted to follow.

Based on her record, if she is confirmed, I think the odds are virtually 100% that she will vote to overturn Heller versus District of Columbia, which means she will vote to overturn to take away the second amendment right to keep and bear arms of every individual. If she is confirmed, the odds are virtually 100% she will vote to overturn the Citizens United case, which means she will vote to take away the free speech rights of Americans to participate in the political process. If she is confirmed, the odds are nearly 100% she will vote to strike down every single reasonable restriction on abortion across the country.”

Klain wasted no time in jumping on Twitter to call Cruz out, bust him on his shit, and let the entire Twitter-sphere know that Ted Cruz is blatantly incorrect.

“Nothing in Judge Jackson’s record, experience, or temperament supports this assertion,” the Biden White House Chief of Staff wrote on Twitter, captioning a clip of Cruz’s tirade.

As Klain noted, absolutely nothing in Judge Jackson’s career has been indicative of extremism in one direction or the other. In fact, Jackson boasts a perfect rating from the American Bar Association, without complaints from neither liberal nor conservative attorneys.

Ted Cruz is just full of shit, and the Biden White House isn’t letting him get away with it unchecked.

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