Body Language Expert Broke Down The Clear Difference In Barron Trump’s Behavior And Relationship With Donald Vs. Melania After Videos Spread Like Wildfire


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Donald Trump’s youngest son, the only child he shares with his current wife Melania, recently made headlines after he made appearances at his parents’ Mar-a-Lago Easter dinner.

Oddly enough, Barron, who just recently turned 18, appeared to make separate entrances to the big event, once with his father and once with his mother, according to video footage that quickly went viral across social media.

People were quick to latch onto the clip of Barron’s entrance with his dad, in particular, as the teen frankly appeared rather mortified when Donald busted out his signature, cringey dance moves that prompted an embarrassed look from his youngest son as he appeared to somewhat back away from his father.

The footage of his entrance with his mother was markedly different, as Barron appeared poised, dignified, and even a bit domineering — much like his mom — as they made their way into the Easter dinner at Mar-a-Lago.

The difference in Barron Trump’s demeanor between his two parents was dramatic enough that it caught the attention of a body language expert, who says the marked difference in the youngest Trump child’s behavior when he’s around his mom vs. his dad speaks volumes to the individual relationships he has with his parents behind closed doors.

Body language expert Judi James spoke with Mirror after the Easter Sunday footage went viral on social media and explained, “Barron is growing into his height now and his confidence signals are increasing although we can see two different body language states when he accompanies his mother versus when he is with his father.”

When it comes to the video of Barron with his mother, James notes, “With Melania here, Barron seems to feel the need to virtually take his father’s place and share the appearance. Although Melania walks ahead here Barron quickly catches up to walk by her side, suggesting a quiet desire for status and to raise his own profile in what looks like a more leadership-style capacity.”

She said that, in her opinion, this change signified a shift from the “‘shy teen’ stage of adolescence to the ‘adult’ identification and socialization with other adults around.”

She also noted that Barron flashed a thumbs-up in the footage with his mother, a move that his father, Donald, is notorious for.

“Barron’s identification with his father is strong here though,” she said, noting that the gesture “mimics one of his father’s signature gestures and one that Trump is using increasingly to signal all is fine despite the many court cases he’s having to pick his way through.”

However, James noted that Barron’s decision to mimic one of his dad’s power moves shouldn’t be seen as proof that all is well between father and son.

“When Barron is with his father here though,” she says of the clip that shows Barron with Donald, “his signals of some awkwardness increase.”

The body language expert says this could be a symptom of the “pressure” Barron feels around his father, explaining, “His father’s status and power signals as he works the room seem to make Barron keep his distance a little rather than catching up to make his presence felt as he did with his mother.”

James further touched on that infamous embarrassing moment when Donald busted out his dance moves and Barron looked as though he could’ve melted right into the floor: “Trump’s ‘dad dancing’ does seem to bring on a bend of the arms and some clutching movements from Barron’s hands to hint at what could be a small moment of cringe, though.”

At the end of the day, it certainly makes sense that Barron Trump is closer to his mom than his father, as Melania has, if nothing else, been a doting and devoted mother, while Donald has shifted all his focus onto things like stealing an election and fighting criminal charges for paying off a porn star he had an affair with.

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