Brad Parcale Broke His Silence On Trump: “I Gave Every Inch Of My Life To Him”

Is Brad cracking?

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As I’m sure you recall, things went downhill quickly for former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale a few months ago, both in his personal and professional life. Ever since his fall from grace in Trumpworld, Donald and his people have allegedly been pretty nervous about what sort of information will flow from the lips of Parscale when the dust settles. And according to new reports, it looks as though their concerns may be warranted, as it seems Brad is looking to clear the air when it comes to his time behind the scenes of the Trump administration, and his ultimate fall from fame.

Recently, the former campaign manager sat down for an interview on Fox News with host Martha MacCallum where he really opened up about his conflicts with his fellow members of the Trump re-election team, saying he was “removed” from his position, and touching on how hurt and excluded that left him feeling. The interview marked Parscale’s first public interview since his domestic altercation with his wife when he left the campaign entirely.

Parscale was replaced as the Trump campaign manager by Bill Stepien back in July and given the new job title, “senior campaign adviser.” The Trump campaign was adamant at the time that the move was not a demotion for Parscale but it was no secret that he was under tight scrutiny from the team amid plummeting poll numbers and disastrously low attendance at Trump’s Tulsa, Oklahoma, rally.


During his interview, when MacCallum said that Brad had left the campaign, he quickly interjected with a curt, “I was removed.”

“I didn’t get a warning sign,” Parscale explained, adding that he was “hurt” by the sudden, unexplained toss-up. “No one asked me to change my plan. I don’t know exactly why I was removed, and all of a sudden we had to challenge the plan.”

“A young family with a young child who are scared to take them back to school wanted to see an empathetic president. And an empathetic Republican Party,” he said after he explained that he’s still loyal to Trump, but disagrees with his handling of the pandemic. “And I said this multiple times and he chose a different path. I don’t think he was wrong, I love him, but we had a difference on this. I thought we should have public empathy.”

Parscale was reportedly noticeably emotional during the interview after he explained that he and Trump have had any contact recently.

“It is pretty hurtful, but it’s probably just as much my fault as his,” he stated. “I love that family. And I gave every inch of my life to him. Every inch.”

You can read the full report from Yahoo! here.

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