Brutal New Report Says J6 Committee Is Now Working To Come After Alex Jones’ Emails And Texts That His Own Attorney Accidentally Leaked To Sandy Hook Lawyer

Alex is about to be in big, big trouble.

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According to a brutal, bombshell new report from Rolling Stone, the January 6th House Select Committee is now actively working to come after email and text message data belonging to ultra Right-wing InfoWars host Alex Jones that was brought up in today’s leg of his Sandy Hook trial, as part of their ongoing investigation into the deadly Capitol attack.

The conspiracy theorist radio show host was left undoubtedly humiliated in court this morning when an attorney for the Sandy Hook families, Mark Bankston, confronted Jones over his lies in court and revealed that he was now in possession of email and text message data belonging to Jones — that was accidentally sent to Bankston by the conspiracy theorist’s own attorney.

These very same emails and texts showed that Jones had been communicating about the Sandy Hook topic and should have been turned over in the earliest days of the case, as part of the discovery process between legal teams. However, Alex continually asserted throughout the early stages of the trial that he had turned everything over that was required of him, and continued to assert that he never made email and text message communications regarding the subject of the Sandy Hook shooting. Ultimately, Jones’ own attorney’s massive screw-up proved that was a lie.

Now, according to the Rolling Stone report, the January 6th House Select Committee got to work just mere hours after this embarrassing trial development to subpoena that communications data in their own ongoing investigation.

The bombshell report cites a “source familiar with the matter,” revealing that the J6 panel is actively working to make a formal request to the plaintiff’s legal team for those documents hailing from Jones’ emails and text messages, to further aid in their Capitol riot investigation.

Bankston explained to Jones in court today that he was able to obtain the information because Alex’s attorney “did not take any steps to identify it as privileged or protected in any way and as of two days ago it fell free and clear into my possession.”

“That is how I know you lied to me.”

It really just keeps getting worse and worse for the InfoWars guy.

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