Buzzfeed Is Reporting That Kenosha Shooting Suspect Was Pictured At A Trump Rally Back In January

Is anyone surprised?

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More and more details are emerging about Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old charged with shooting three people — two of them fatally — during a Kenosha, Wisconsin, protest over Jacob Blake’s shooting Tuesday evening. For one, Rittenhouse reportedly thought of himself as a militia member. The teenager was definitely obsessed with the police, and the Blue Lives Matter movement, according to his Facebook posts. And Rittenhouse — now charged with murder — was a gun enthusiast.

And now, BuzzFeed News reports that Rittenhouse posted a video on his TikTok page showing him attending a Trump rally in Des Moines, Iowa, on Jan. 30 in the front row — to the left of the podium.

There he is:

Rittenhouse seemed enthusiastic about the event; writing on his TikTok page, “Trump rally!”


And, we can say that even if Rittenhouse is misidentified in the photo and video,  we know that the teenage shooting suspect was at the event — because Rittenhouse said he was there.

Rittenhouse traveled from Illinois to Wisconsin with his rifle to the third night of Black Lives Matter protests in Kenosha after police shot Blake in the back multiple times. Rittenhouse attended as an armed vigilante, saying in one video that he was assisting police by protecting property in an unofficial capacity. Antioch Police said that Rittenhouse “fled the state of Wisconsin with the intent to avoid prosecution for the offense.”

According to a criminal complaint, Rittenhouse is charged in Wisconsin with first-degree intentional homicide. Rittenhouse is currently being held at a juvenile facility in Illinois.

And we’re kind of wondering why our “law and order” president has remained quiet after the killings. Rittenhouse is obviously one of Trump’s people. Any other sitting president would strongly denounce his supporter’s actions that resulted in two deaths, and another individual injured. Trump screams about “law and order” repeatedly unless the laws apply to the president or his base.

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