Cache Of Damning Records Pertaining To An Infamous Abuser With Ties To Donald Trump May Soon Go Public, Expose Years Of Hidden Abuse

The truth WILL come out in the end.

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According to bombshell reporting from the Palm Beach Post, a decision handed down by a Court of Appeals has opened the pathway for a judge to consider ordering the public release of grand jury transcripts that led to the explosive indictment of infamous child trafficker and rapist Jeffery Epstein — the now-deceased Brooklyn financer with close, long-standing, historical ties to now-former President Donald J. Trump.

Way back in 2006, Epstein received the infamous “Sweetheart Deal,” which landed him a mere single charge of soliciting a prostitute. This notorious and highly-controversial deal undeniably opened the door to allow Epstein and his cohorts to continue trafficking, abusing, and raping young, underage girls for an additional 13 years.

For some time now, the Palm Beach Post legal team has been vehemently arguing for the public release of the records pertaining to Epstein’s infamous trial, citing that knowledge of how the grand jury reached its decisions is crucial in determining how the Brooklyn financer and close Trump acquaintance was able to continue his sexual abuse for more than a decade, and the role that prosecutors on the case played in allowing those additional 13 years of trafficking and abuse.

Palm Beach Post’s report on the matter reads:

Palm Beach Post investigation found that out of multiple teenage girls who told police that they were recruited and paid to come to Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion where he sexually abused them, then-State Attorney Barry Krischer’s office called only one to testify before the grand jury, and undermined her testimony, displaying social media posts about boys and drinking.”

Clerk of Courts & Comptroller Joseph Abruzzo’s office maintained the right and ability to fight back against the release of the undeniably damning grand jury records. However, on Wednesday of this week, they issued a public statement, announcing and confirming that the office “will not appeal this ruling and looks forward to further direction from the court.” The statement goes on to add that Abruzzo will personally “leave no stone unturned” and wants “these records released for full transparency to the public.”

It’s indisputable that these records could and likely do contain damning information about not only Epstein himself and his underage sex trafficking right, but also shed possible new light on the roles of many of the late rapist’s cohorts.

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